Loveabye Dragon by Barbara Joosse. Illustrated by Randy Cecil. Book Review.

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This lyrical book is a story of friendship.

“Once there was a girl
an all alone girl
in her own little bed
in her own little room
in her own little castle
who didn’t have
a dragon
for a friend.”

The lonely little girl cries and her tears trickled past several things until they reach a dragon. He follows the tears, finds the girl, and they enjoy doing numerous things together. The book ends

“Now they’re friends.
Best friends.
Forever friends.”

This story shows that, although friends may seem different on the outside, “they’re just the same size exactly the same size in the middle.” Friendship is about sharing the simple things, marching, singing, playing hide and seek, and caring for each other.

The illustrations are quite wonky giving the book a playful tone needed to counterbalance the yearning and gravity of the message.



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