Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk. Book Review.

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Oh so brave dragon is also not brave at the beginning of this story. In fact, he is a braggart and a bit of a bully. He scares the bunnies, the birds, the bees and all the little creatures of the forest. But, when he does a fierce and mighty roar, he hears something frightening in return. I assume it’s an echo but it isn’t made completely clear in the book.

When the dragon assumes there is a fearsome creature nearby, he tells all the little creatures, “The monster is near! I’ll protect you. Come in close. Will roar together and scared away!” He redeems himself by wrapping his wings protectively around them. Together they roar as loud as possible and when they feel the monster is gone, the brave little dragon invites them to stay under his wings until they feel completely safe.

The illustrations are double page spreads with the words written in blank spots. The animals are cutesy, but not overly so. The pictures are detailed and charming.

This book lends itself well to some meaningful discussions about bravado, bullying, and true courage.



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