A Month Of Dragons

When I mention dragons, the pious among you might think of the beast slain by St. George. Many will imagine Smaug lying amid his gold in the Lonely Mountain. More recently, readers may envision Eragon hatching from his “stone” or Daenerys Targaryen “Mother of Dragons” with her three fearsome monsters. Some might think of the snake-like Chinese dragon featured on their horoscope. Those are not the kind of dragons I will be writing about this month.

The whimsical among you might start humming “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Children might think of Pete’s dragon or the Lollipop Dragon. THAT’S the ticket.

Dragons in picture books are cuddly, funny, and occasionally nasty (but usually outsmarted). I will examine a fearful dragon, more than one gluttonous dragon, a dragon who can’t breath fire, and even a dragon who sports underwear. (Who knew?)

So strap on your suit of armour and pick up your fire extinguisher. It’s going to be a hot month.

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