To Request a Book Review

I am not accepting most books for review at this time.

I mostly review children’s picture books (85%), middle grade books, and young adult books. Please follow this blog to familiarize yourself with what I do. I do review the occasional adult book, especially those I think parents would be interested in.  I do not review horror, erotica, poetry ( unless it’s kid’s poetry), memoir, or excessively violent books. I don’t want religion, self-help, or politics as well. You must be a blog follower.

I rate on a scale of 1-5 stars. I will give 1 or 2 star reviews but explain my evaluations and give suggestions on how to improve. Read some of my tougher reviews and be sure you can handle honest feedback. I expect the same standard from indie writers as from traditionally published so make sure you’re submitting a well-edited book.

EXCEPTIONS: Books that fit upcoming themes:

  • Alphabet – September 2017
  • Gratitude – October 2017
  • Lest We Forget – November 2017
  • Winter Celebrations – December 2017
  • Beginnings – January 2018
  • Friendship – February 2018
  • Sleeping Beauty – March 2018
  • Spring – April 2018
  • Indies Only – May 2018
  • Birthdays – June 2018
  • Canada – July 2018

The review will be published during the designated month.

Please fill out this information when requesting a review.

Your name and pen name

Writing Experience (Example: Is this your first book or your eighth? Have you taken classes? How long have you been writing?)

Title of the book

Date published, publisher, indie or traditional. (I do accept indie.)


Picture book, middle grade, or YA. (I will accept most picture books but few MG and YA.)

How many pages?

Fiction or nonfiction. Genre. Series?


Link to your author page and/or website.

Contact me at b.ferrante at tbaytel dot net with your request.



2 thoughts on “To Request a Book Review

  1. LOL =D No hurry, just happily waiting. Did you get my email the other day with the good news, Bonnie? Pegasus was honoured with his 10th book award! Yay! It’s the Book Excellence Award from Canada. I’ll send you some pics when I have all the awards framed. Have a great week! =D


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