To Request a Book Review

I am only reviewing paper copies at this time.

I mostly review children’s picture books (85%), middle grade books, and young adult books. Please follow this blog to familiarize yourself with what I do. I do review the occasional adult book, especially those I think parents would be interested in.  I do not review horror, erotica, poetry ( unless it’s kid’s poetry), memoir, or excessively violent books. I don’t want religion, self-help, or politics as well. You must be a blog follower.

I rate on a scale of 1-5 stars. I will give 1 or 2 star reviews but explain my evaluations and give suggestions on how to improve. Read some of my tougher reviews and be sure you can handle honest feedback. I expect the same standard from indie writers as from traditionally published so make sure you’re submitting a well-edited book.

  • Please fill out this information when requesting a review.

Your name and pen name

Writing Experience (Example: Is this your first book or your eighth? Have you taken classes? How long have you been writing?)

Title of the book

Date published, publisher, illustrator. (I do accept indie.)


Picture book, middle grade, or YA. (I will accept most picture books but few MG and YA.)

How many pages?

Fiction or nonfiction. Genre. Series?



Link to your author page and/or website.

The first three (or more) pages of the book in the BODY of the email.

Email this to b.ferrante at tbaytel dot net

I am fair but honest. I use respectful words and give helpful criticism to help authors improve their work. If you are an indie writer, I strongly recommend you have the book professionally edited before publishing. If your book is for sale, I expect your book to meet the same high standards as a traditionally published book. I was a grade school teacher for 33 years, 10 as a teacher librarian. I will always put the needs of readers first. Whether your family and friends loved the book is irrelevant. If you had your child write or illustrate part of the book, please DO NOT SUBMIT. I do not want to crush a child’s hopes.

In return for taking the time and effort to review your book, I ask that you show respect for my work as well. It is important for authors to maintain their dignity and professionalism. You must agree not to post vindictive remarks against me or my review, to vote down any of my books on Amazon, or to rally your friends to give bad reviews. The more often authors engage in this behaviour, the less readers are willing to post reviews. It is for our mutual benefit to keep readers reviewing and reading reviews.

I will rate your book out of 5 thumbs up. thumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tiny

Contact me at b.ferrante at tbaytel dot net with your request.




5 thoughts on “To Request a Book Review

  1. LOL =D No hurry, just happily waiting. Did you get my email the other day with the good news, Bonnie? Pegasus was honoured with his 10th book award! Yay! It’s the Book Excellence Award from Canada. I’ll send you some pics when I have all the awards framed. Have a great week! =D


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  3. Bonnie, You have a wonderful site!
    While I claim to be Lisa Gammon Olson -Children’s Book Author…My more important job title is Mrs. Olson, Elementary School secretary! I love kids…I love their quirks and their differences… love getting the birthday cupcakes with the tiny lick off the side. Each and every child is a miracle and in MY perfect world, ADHD, Aspbergers, Autism and Special Needs children…EVERY child would be listed in one category….Child Extraordinaire! No box checking needed to categorize these wonderful human beings! ❤

    That being said, I am looking for people who love books and children as much as I do to review my first two picture books for my American Herstory Series, Dust Flowers and Sewing the Magic In. The Cheese Song comes out at Christmas. I am an Eifrig Publishing Author. Would you be willing to review both books in the series? If you message me your address, I can send them to you. In case you’d like more information on me, my author website

    thank you for your time!


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