Interview Policy

I am accepting requests for book reviews/interviews as of June 2017. The interviews are being scheduled for July. Reviews will appear before then. Please carefully read and follow the instructions about submitting.

Interviews are presently scheduled every Wednesday. I am running a series called “Three Random Questions. Please follow to familiarize yourself with my interviews. I do not send a canned list of questions but research each author and tailor the questions to them and their work.

Please follow the steps for a book review first.

  1.  After I have read your book, you may be interviewed.  If your book only earned one or two stars, I will pass on the interview. If it is 3, 4 or 5 stars you will be asked to answer provide basic information and links to your social media. These will be my resources for creating the interview questions.
  2. You will be sent a list of interview questions to answer. Please return them within two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Interview Policy

  1. I assume I am still in your interview basket .. The Secret Drawer and The Secret Path as you notified me a few months back that my book series fits your criteria …I am amazed your not further out !! Glad you are focusing in on the children’s book as that is where all this literacy begins and the books out there for children are very important!! Thanks much … Nancy Gee …

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    • You were given this information in an email: “I am running one interview per week starting in August. Interviews are presently being scheduled for March and April 2017. You will be part of the third group of 10 to 15 people.”

      Your interview will be posted, once it is completed, on March 29. Your book reviews will be posted on February 27 and March 24.

      “I am amazed your not further out !!” Obviously you do not understand the amount of work that I have been putting into this interview and review series. I am exactly where I want to be. (BTW, you’re)

      You will be sent your interview questions very soon. Continually contacting me is not going to make the time go any faster.


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