Bad Boys Get Cookie! By Margie Palantini. Illustrated by Henry Cole.


Your child should be familiar with the original Gingerbread Boy story, Hansel and Gretel, and also have a good understanding of the big bad wolf character. In this book, two wolf brothers, Wally and Willie, volunteer to catch Mr. Baker’s runaway cookie. Misfortune follows them in much the way that it follows Wiley Coyote in pursuit of the Road Runner.

This gingerbread man has his own mocking chant your child will love, “Na-na-ni-na-na! Lookee! Lookie! You can’t get me. I’m one smart cookie!”

Younger children will enjoy the arrival of the skunk in the dark and predicting that the bumpy green log is really an alligator.

The story ends on a pretty creepy note. The two wolves, dressed as Hensel and Gretel, encounter the evil witch who lives in a gingerbread house. She calls them inside where she opens an empty oven. The two wolves grin and the text reads, “Brain ditto! Ah yes. Oh my. Those boys were bad. Bad. Really, really bad.” Which means, I assume that they are about to cook and eat the wicked witch. Granted, her plan was probably the reverse. Just be prepared to explain this gruesome ending if your child is young.

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