Piggies in the Kitchen by Michelle Meadows. Illustrated by Ard Hoyt.


When Mama leaves the house, her five little piglets create disaster in the kitchen. Sugar is spilled on the floor, eggs tumble out of the carton, and frosting is dripped everywhere. Whenever the piggies hear a car they frantically “cover-up the batter, hide the wooden spoon. Brush away the sugar, whistling a tune.” The first car belongs to Mrs. Cow, the second is Mrs. Mouse, and the third is Mrs. Sheep. When Mama finally does return, the piglets have cleaned the kitchen, the guests are hiding, and her children have created a birthday cake as well as pie and cupcakes.

The story is delightfully suspenseful. At first the reader wonders if the piggies are up to mischief. Then the arrival of three different vehicles add a special twist. When the story ends “Happy Birthday, Mama! We love you!” The reader appreciates the piggies’ efforts to create a perfect surprise.

The illustrations are dynamic and sweet. The piggies’ expressions convey their excitement and apprehension.

After the second read through, children will catch on to the recurring patterns and be able to join in telling the story.

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