Two Nonfiction Picture Books on Bakers

It is difficult to find good nonfiction books for preschoolers. Let’s look at two books in vastly different styles.


Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington is a small board book created with straightforward pictures with little to no depth and simple colors. It tells in easy sentences, one per every second page, how professional Baker makes cookies. At the end he sells always cookies to children and closes his shop.

While accurate, there is little here that would really interested child past the first read. It does introduce step-by-step procedure in a way children can understand. This is a book it would be best to borrow from a library rather than purchasing.

BUY Mr. Cookie Baker (Board Book Edition)

Meet the Baker: People Around Town by Joyce Jeffries uses photographs of several bakers at work. They make bread, cookies, pies, and cakes. It shows photographs of some of the things he or she does. It features diversity in its choice of bakers.


However, this book has a helter-skelter approach and fails to have a satisfying storyline or ending like the previous book. While I prefer the photographs in Meet the Baker, I think the linear, logical, sequential method used in Mr. Cookie Baker has more for your child.

BUY Meet the Baker (People Around Town (Paperback))


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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