Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker by Linda Hayward. Illustrated by Tom Brannon.


Since C is for cookie, what better way to start a month of books about baking than with a Sesame Street picture book featuring our favorite blue monster? Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker was a much better book than I expected. It is a step 2 reader, indicating this book as suitable for reading with help by preschool to grade 1 children. However I used it with my almost 3-year-old granddaughter.

The rhythm in this book is wonderful. The beat can be tapped out as the story is read.

There’s just enough repetition, the magic number three, to build suspense and make the story satisfying.

Every time Cookie Monster, a professional baker, puts his newly baked cookies out to cool, hordes of monsters come and eat them all. Cookie Monster never gets to taste one. On the third try, he bakes dozens and dozens of cookies and manages to get one before they are all gone.

Children will empathize with Cookie Monster’s dilemma. As a baker, he is happy that everyone loves his cookies but, of course, he would like to eat at least one himself. His hard work and dedication pay off.

The pictures are typical Sesame Street. When the customers flood the shop, your child will enjoy identifying the “hikers, bikers, munchers, crunchers, hoppers, and moppers” as well as other interesting characters.

A fine start to this theme.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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