June is Cookie Month

In June, I will be focusing on children’s books about cookies and other desserts. The play area I have set up features a dessert shop. I used building blocks and a plastic bin to make a small table to set the cash register on.

I kept the menu deliberately small with five dessert choices, cookies, pastries, cupcakes, mousse, and cake, and two drinks, coffee or tea. The cupcakes were bought at the dollar store. The pastries were made by my grandchildren and I using felt, fabric paint, beads and glue. The mousse was made from scraps of fabric in a reused dessert tray.

The cookies are from an educational activity. They teach the numbers from zero to ten. On one side of the cookie, there is a numeral and on the other side there is the corresponding number of chocolate chips. When “customers” place their order, they will have to identify how many chocolate chips they want and my granddaughter will have to find the appropriate cookie. We use these all the time in a variety of ways.

Tea will be served in the Fisher-Price tea set. Coffee will be served in the Tim Horton’s paper cups. (empty)

As an introduction to money, I also kept the prices simple. Everything cost one dollar. I printed out loonies (Canadian dollar coins) on heavy paper and cut them out. If customers buy three items, my granddaughter will have to ask for three dollars and count them. There will be no making change.


The play station also has a Baker’s hat and apron as well as a small bucket and rag for cleaning the tables.

My next post will be the first book review on this theme.

Click on image to buy. 

Click on image to buy. NOTE: Doesn’t actually hold liquid.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages

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