The Diggers are Coming! by Susan Steggall. Book Review.

The Diggers Are Coming! Is a fabulous book to introduce the concept of construction to a child. It is told in a rhythmic, engaging manner.

It begins, “The wreckers are coming! The wreckers are coming, they whack and they wallop and wham! Flinging and slinging their weight around, they bash old buildings to the ground.” The text continues in this way explaining planners, bulldozers, diggers, tippers, mixers, trucks, builders, cranes, rollers, vans, and finally people moving in to their new homes.

The 10′ x 16″ illustrations seem to be a blend of cut-and-paste and computer graphics. They’re bright, clear, and interesting. For example on the double-page spread about the planners, we see three people entering with briefcases, one carrying a rolled up blueprint. Two people are surveying, one is spray painting a white line on the ground, and two more are discussing a blueprint. There is a mixture of male and female and people of different races. On the ground are pylons, a computer, a thermos, and the clipboard. Every page has things to discuss.

The author has given just enough information to hold a child’s interest and teach them some new concepts. The onomatopoeic word usage is wonderful and children will enjoy repeating some of the phrases.

Highly recommended for boys and girls ages 2 to 7.

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