I Saw an Ant in a Parking Lot by Joshua Prince. Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan. Book Review.

The pictures in this book remind the reader of a Pixar movie. The girl in the story is almost like a photograph with an enlarged head and overly expressive features.

The book is written in rhyme and holds up fairly well. If you read this aloud, you will have to concentrate as some of the lines are almost tongue twisters. After reading through once, slowly, it would be fun to read through a second time in more of a singsong voice.

A parking lot attendant sees an ant about to be squashed by an entering van. The ant’s back is turned to the vehicle and the parking attendant wants to save him from a messy fate. She uses a clever distraction, flinging a doughnut in his direction, and averts disaster. In the end they share their breakfast.

This is a fun book that addresses an important subject, kindness to small and defenceless creatures. Why would she go to all that trouble to save and ant? Serious discussion can arise from this seemingly simple book.


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