Cinderella illustrated by K. V. Craft. A Month of Cinderellas – Last Post

At last, a Cinderella book that brings back the memory of my favorite fairytale book as a child. It was an entire volume of the Encyclopedia dedicated to classic fairy tales. Each double spread had long text on one side and a full-page glossy oil painting in great detail on the other. This book is similarly laid out but with less text, thankfully. The illustrations will knock your socks off. They are beautiful enough to be framed and hung. K. V. Craft is an extraordinary artist.

The first letter of each text of page is done like an illuminated manuscript, similar to my book Rumpelstiltskin’s Child (I am not comparing my work to an artist of this calibre). I love the little details such as lizards climbing on the golden reeds.

Cinderella’s ball gown is in a whole new category. The dance scene looks as though it is taking place at Versailles. Cinderellas second ball gown is even more stunning than the first. (This version follows the traditional story of two nights.) On the final page, where Cinderella and the Prince pose with his dog, the painting looks like it stepped off a museum wall.

On the title page it reads “the text for this book was adapted primarily from the Arthur Rackham Fairy Book and Andrew Lang’s The Blue Fairy Book.” On the first two pages we encounter the words haughty, assigned, chambers, mournful, lame, gallant, noble, distracted, huddled, wandered, humble, and hastily. The vocabulary is as rich as the illustrations.

This is the kind of book an older child would read or a parent might share and discuss with their child. If you want your child to experience an authentic Cinderella story, this is the one to choose.

I hope you enjoyed A Month of Cinderellas and found it as interesting as I did. I barely scratched the surface of what picture books are available. I didn’t even approach the topic of young adults and adult contemporary, fantasy, and science fiction novels based on the Cinderella concept. No matter how independent women become, some version of this story will always exist for little girls to enjoy and imagine.


I wouldn’t recommend buying a princess costume unless you can examine it closely first. Most are made with prickly, uncomfortable edges. Many are undersized.

Click on the image to buy the book.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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