Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella by Tony Johnson. Illustrated by James Warhola. A Month of Cinderellas Continued.

 Click here to buy Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella (Picture Puffins)

On the back of the title page, tucked above the copyright information, is a small glossary explaining forest terms.

The humorous tone is set immediately. “… Lived a dashing Bigfoot prince. He was tall and dark as a Douglas fir – with feet like cedar stumps. He was as odoriferous as his tree-home was coniferous. And so horrendously hairy that Bigfoot women near and far long day to marry him.” The Bigfoot in the illustration is cute with no hair on his face or feet, a large barrel-chested body, skinny arms and tiny hands, and a huge nose.

The text is rich with interesting vocabulary and clever comparisons, “sour as little green berries”, “golden as a banana slug, with feet like log canoes” and “teased her like stinging mosquitoes”.

Rrrrrella’s mean step sisters and stepmother make her do all the work. The Prince has a contest, whoever can roll him off a log into the river will become his wife. Rrrrrella is left at home wishing she could go to the fun-fest. Her beary Godfather provides her with enormous wooden bark-clogs and tangles her fur. Rrrrrella is the last to compete and the only one to dunk the prince. When she runs off, the Prince uses the abandoned bark-clog to find her again.

If the child is familiar with the original Cinderella story, this would be a hilarious follow-up. As well, throughout the text are valuable messages on protecting the old-growth forest and that beauty is a concept created by society.



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