Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood. Illustrated by Meg Hunt. A Month of Cinderellas Continued.

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There is so much I loved about this book. You may or may not want to read the original to a child first. This book stands well enough on its own.

Cinderella is a self-taught mechanic who wants to fix fancy rockets. She lives on a planetoid with her stepfamily. They leave her behind when everyone is invited to the Prince’s Royal Space Parade. When her robot mouse sends out an SOS, her fairy godrobot provides her with a new space suit and a power gym so that she can attend.

When the prince’s rocket breaks down, Interstellar Cinderella fixes it. He invites her to the gravity free ball where they spend the evening talking about rocket ships.

After Cinderella flees, the prince comes in search of her using her socket wrench and the invitation to work on a broken spaceship as a way to screen fakes. When they reconnect, the Prince asks her to be his bride. She thinks this over carefully and replies “I’m far too young for marriage, but I’ll be your chief mechanic!”

Cinderella is a redhead and the Prince is a man of color. The painted illustrations are large and bright. There is no mention of Cinderella’s physical appearance. In fact, the prince never saw her face as she wore her spacesuit through their entire first encounter.

This book has all the right messages and would make a great addition to a child’s book shelf.



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