Disney’s Cinderellas and Retell. A Month of Cinderellas continued.

Disney Cinderella: Kindness and Courage by Rico Green. Based on the screenplay by Chris Weitz.

If you enjoyed this movie will probably be disappointed by the book. The reading level is two which means the story has been boiled down to something like Coles/Cliffs notes. As well, it ends when Ella enters the palace to attend the ball.

This story is meant to be read independently by a child in grade 2. As such, it loses most of its appeal.

The pictures are photographs taken from the movie.


Walt Disney’s Cinderella retold by Cynthia Ryland. Illustrated by Mary Blair.

This book has an engaging beginning.

“This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found. This is a story about Love.”

In this story, Cinderella’s father is dead. She has no one to protect her she aches to be loved. The text is rich and explores the importance of loving and being loved. It has a fairytale quality often missing in modern-day versions of Cinderella.

Most pages have a full-color illustration on one side and text on the other. The pictures are inspired by the original Walt Disney animated movie. Some are great and others are disappointing.

No mention is made of what happened to the stepfamily after Cinderella wed the prince.

The vocabulary and length make it suitable for children six years old and up.


One way to retell the Cinderella story is by using Disney’s Barbie doll. She came in the package with a somewhat disappointing ballgown. In order for my granddaughter to be able to tell the story from beginning to end, I made (not to specifications) the dress she cleaned house in,


her mother’s pink dress that her stepsisters tore apart,


and her wedding dress.


My granddaughter worked the Barbie/Cinderella and I used other dolls as the supporting cast.

You could do that same thing with paper cutout dolls, if you can actually find them anywhere. Or, you could run off different pictures of Cinderella and the other major characters on the Internet and mount them on stiff board.

Remember, above all, have fun.

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