A Month of Cinderellas continued – Caribbean Cinderella

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella by Robert D. San Souci. Illustrated by Brian Pinkney.

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This version is told from the viewpoint of the godmother. She is a poor washerwoman who has inherited a wand of mahogany. Three taps of it will change one thing into another but only for short time.

When Cendrillon is not allowed to go to the ball, a birthday party for Monsieur Thibaul’s son, she spills out her sadness to her godmother. Her godmother uses the magic one to supply her with a coach and clothing. When they attend the ball, Paul dances with no one but her. As the clock strikes midnight, she rushes away leaving behind one embroidered pink slipper. When Paul fits the slipper to Cendrillon’s foot, he declares his love for her and tells her she is just as beautiful in her ragged clothing.

The small touches of Caribbean culture throughout this book are interesting as the full paged paintings. Children who are familiar with the Cinderella story will be intrigued by this version.


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