A Month of Cinderellas continued – Retell

One of the best strategies you can teach a young child is to retell the story book in her own words. A simple way to help her master this is through play. Children love to dress up and pretend they are someone else. They are born actors.

Once your child has heard the original story of Cinderella enough that you feel confident they know the story, get out your costumes and props. You can go to yard sales, thrift shops, and fabric stores. Use your sewing machine, thread and needle, or glue gun to put together costumes for Cinderella. Your daughter’s favorite fancy dress may already serve well as Cinderella’s ballgown.


Here are some ideas I put together for my granddaughter.

It can be as simple as props necessary for Cinderella to cook




and shop.


The castle where she meets the prince can be made from streamers, a draped cloth, or a tent.


The coach can be made from a wagon, a box, or a bench and crazy forts it as I did.


Make it sumptuous inside.


It is best to have your child act of the story in order, scene by scene. Retelling aids greatly in reading comprehension. Be sure to have your child mention what the problem is in the fairytale.

While the child is in costume, it is also a good idea to ask them how they think the character feels after each scene.

Most important of all, keep it fun!

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