The Doll’s Hospital

Continuing with the Crazy Forts inspired construction, I created a simplified hospital for my two-year-old granddaughter to play in. Remember, these play centers are temporary. I used Lego, Duplo, and Mega blocks to build equipment.

The waiting room




I rounded up a number of books on going to the hospital. Once again, it was difficult to find much at the two-year-old level.

Working at a Hospital: 21st Century Junior Library by Pam Rosenberg was a rather lengthy nonfiction but had full-page photographs that were suitable for discussion.

Going to the Hospital: First Experiences, written by Anne Civardi and illustrated by Stephen Cartwright, was written for the preschool level. It takes six-year-old Ben through the experience of an ear operation. Oddly, it ends with the child giving the nurse and surgeon flowers.

But the book my granddaughter loved the most was a classic, Curious George Goes to the Hospital by Margaret and H. A. Rey.

Curious George, the monkey, swallows a piece of a wooden puzzle and needs to have it removed in the hospital. This is a great reminder to small children to keep non-food out of their mouths. The book is very dated; they even use a phonograph. However, George is so endearing and funny that my granddaughter listened attentively to the rather lengthy text.

 Click here to buy Curious George Goes to the Hospital

Whether your child has a scheduled hospital visit or not, reading and role-playing can prepare him or her for that first visit.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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