Anyone for Pizza?

Where has all the time gone? When we moved in August I wrote a series of blog posts knowing that I would be busy redecorating, renovating, etc. There were fifteen windows needing treatment in our new home. I thought I had enough blog entries to get me to the middle of February, but it turns out I was a month off. I haven’t had much time for reading, other than books on decorating, but I thought it was time for a bit of diversion anyway. So… Now for something completely different.

Well maybe not completely.

Here’s a fun way to expose your child to reading. You can buy, from Melissa and Doug, or make a pizza set like the one in my photograph.

Then sort and label the parts. I also added dessert because what’s pizza without dessert? As your child creates pizza according to your specific tastes, she is exposed to the words taped to each bin. This is a lot of fun and can be incorporated into other types of play.

Older children can have separate bins for each of the toppings.

I took pictures of toppings from the internet and printed them on transfer paper (for t-shirts). Then I cut them out and ironed them on to pieces of felt. The pizza crust is felt glued to a piece of cardboard and rolled up felt sewn around the edges. The white and red sauce are just simple pieces of felt. The breadsticks are rolled up pieces of felt sewn shut with fat wool. The dipping sauce is a piece of cotton in a tiny measuring cup.

I lined a used pizza box with felt and covered it with clear sticky paper. This turned out not to be such a great idea as it is difficult to open and shut. If I did it again, I would simply ask for an extra empty box when I bought pizza. I also should have planned to make the pizza small enough to fit inside her toy oven.


There are numerous books about pizza that would make great follow-up reads, even one about Curious George.

You can also take the easy, quick way and buy a Melissa & Doug pizza set.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages

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