Sheehan, Anna. A Long Long Sleep. Book Review.

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I love a well-written book that takes its inspiration from classic fairy tales. Obviously, this one is inspired by Sleeping Beauty. However, instead of writing a fantasy, Sheehan has written a suspenseful and compelling science fiction novel.

The long long sleep refers to stasis. Rosalinda Fitzroy, heiress to a vast financial empire, is awakened by a young man exploring the basement of the financial empire’s main building. She is shocked to learn that sixty-two years have passed since she last entered stasis. Not only are her parents dead, but she has no idea what has happened to Xavier, the love of her life. The world has gone through and survived an apocalypse but she is still living in the past.

It takes the reader a while to learn why Rose has such crushingly poor self-esteem. When we learn the truth about why we Rose was repeatedly put into stasis, we root for her recovery. Although she seems weak and timid, her true courage and strength rise to the surface when she faces a series of heartbreaking and life-threatening challenges.

This is a surprisingly gripping book that will also pull at your heartstrings. A fascinating page-turner.


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