Noël, Alyson. Art Geeks and Prom Queens. Book Review.

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Rio has moved to a new school and is going through the terrors of trying to make the right friends. Her mother, a former fashion model, continually pressures her to look perfect and socialize with the popular girls. The school is ruled by mean girl Kristi who can socially make or destroy anyone she wishes. Extreme bullying is a way of life. When Rio begins to emulate and even surpass Kristi in dictatorship, her mother is thrilled but inwardly, Rio is dying.

While this story lacks any real originality, Noël portrays the girls vividly and with insight. Much of the story focuses on what Kristi is willing to give up in order to fit in. It touches on drug use, drinking, and date rape. It would be a good basis for discussion between mother and daughter.


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