Reddy, Gita V. Cinderella’s Escape. Book Review.


The story is based on Cinderella, obviously. The difference between this one and the original is that Cinderella is modern and needs to escape from being abused and held against her will. Cinderella is an interesting character because she is so isolated from the modern world, she doesn’t know what is true and what is deception.
There is no ball, Prince or glass slipper. However, the plot is predictable and has been seen with slight variation on several television dramas and B movies. As well, some contortions of plot were not believable.

Still, the story had potential. Plot doesn’t have to be original to be told in an original manner. The character was interesting and complex. At times, the protagonist had a compelling voice but the other characters were flat. Dialogue with stilted and, at times, awkward.

Reddy tells a story instead of showing it. Much of the book felt like a summary and kept the reader at a distance. The book should have been three times longer. There were so many potentially powerful scenes that were wasted, for example, when her stepmother poster with the book and dress her father had sent, I wanted to be inside Cinderella’s skin. Rather than explain what this means, if you would like an excellent article on the subject, go to the blog, This Itch of Writing –

In future, I would recommend that this writer submit her book to someone for feedback on the plot. Once more originality has been achieved with plot, she should then elicit feedback on pacing and style of a couple of chapters to be sure she is writing in enough detail to engage the reader.

The cover needs a lot of work as well.

I was given a PDF file of this book in return for a nonreciprocal book review.



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