Rowell, Rainbow. Fangirl. Book Review.

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If you don’t understand fanfiction, you will by the end of this novel. Twin sisters have co-written an entire Simon Snow series and garnered a huge following of their own. The girls, Cath and Wren, have been inseparable until their first year of college. Wren, the more outgoing and confident of the two, insists on having different dorm roommates and traveling with her own crowd. Cath feels completely abandoned and sinks herself in writing fanfiction in order to escape contact with so many strangers.

The girls face serious challenges in their family dynamics. Wren chooses this time to party and act out in self-destructive ways. Cath is at a loss on how to help her sister and is having her own difficulties negotiating through boy/girl relations. To make it worse, her creative writing professor calls fanfiction plagiarism and threatens to fail Cath. Problems with their parents escalate. Readers will love these sisters and be intrigued by the people they meet on campus. The book provides a good balance of humor and darkness.

Large sections of the book are dedicated to the fanfiction Cath is writing providing an insight into her internal drama. I must admit, however, I thought this part of the book could be trimmed.

A great read.


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