Gabel, Lee. Noah’s Noodles. Book Review.

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Noah’s Noodles tells the story of a toddler enjoying a plate of spaghetti. He ties the noodles in knots, winds them around his thumbs, and spins them like a lasso. The child’s delight is clear.

The illustrations are bright, simple, and cartoonish. The zany noodles dominate each page. Noah is presented as a happy, endearing child.

The book would benefit from more variation in illustrations. Different viewpoints and composition would spark better visual interest. When “Noah throws a sticky rope to land on Daddy’s head”, a dramatic picture of Daddy would create tension and humor. Pictures of noodles handing from the ceiling light, the cat, or the dog would also provide a break from the pictures of Noah’s face. Also, Noah’s body proportions are that of an adult. This is especially apparent when he is standing and yawning.

The book is told in rhyme, a difficult style to pull off well. The pattern holds for most of the text.

“Noah loves his noodles./ He really cannot wait/ for loopy noodles/ tied in knots/ piled high upon his plate.”

Unfortunately, Gabel resorts to some clumsy wording to hold the rhythm.

“Tomato sauce today/ On top with lots of cheese”

It stumbles in spots.

“His dinner is all gone./ No room for dessert./ Noah sheds/ his sticky bib/ and wipes his hands/ upon his shirt!”

But, on the whole, it works well and a preschooler will find the text funny and engaging. The parents in the story are loving and patient. Almost every child enjoys spaghetti. This would be an amusing book to share with a toddler.


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