Ibbotson, Eva. The Secret of Platform 13. Book Review.

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The reader may find the magical entrance on platform 13 in one of London’s busiest train stations to be an echo of the entrance to Hogwart’s, but that is where the similarity will end. This fun little book introduces the author to an original and fascinating magical kingdom with mermaids, ogres, mist makers, harpies, and wizards.

There are short periods of time every eight years where people from our kingdom can enter their kingdom and vice versa. The story begins when three reckless nannies inadvertently lose the infant prince in our world. Eight years later, a ragtag band of rescuers are sent to London to retrieve the now eight-year-old child. But nothing is as expected.

Eva Ibbotson does a wonderful job of endearing the characters to the reader. Even though it becomes fairly apparent that the twist in the story has twisted predictably again, the reader will not want to abandon the book. We must find out how things with finish.

This is the kind of book that a parent will enjoy sharing or a middle grade reader will enjoy on their own. A story of acceptance, love and courage with a happy ending.


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