McStay, Moriah. Everything That Makes You. Book Review.

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An ambitious, inventive, and daring book. This is McStay’s first novel and I am impressed.

This is the story, or should I say stories, of Fiona, a teenager whose life seems destined to derail no matter what her choices. The author simultaneously tells two stories of Fiona’s life as if we are watching her live in parallel universes. In the first chapter Fiona is a young girl whose face has been horribly scarred in an accident. In the second chapter, we begin a different story where Fiona, Fi, escapes this accident only to eventually encounter a different misfortune.

The book explores how our choices, experiences, and friends affect the path we travel. Although the characters are similar for both Fiona and Fi, her interaction with them differs according to her experiences. At the core, however, Fiona and Fi are the same person. She is frustrated, angry, and heartbroken, but also resilient and brave.

The book requires focus in order to keep the separate lives comprehensible but it is worth the effort.


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