Oliver, Lauren. Vanishing Girls. Book Review.

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I have loved Lauren Oliver’s books in the past, especially her Delirium trilogy. However, I felt this book was not at the same level.

The point of view jumps felt disjointed. Instead of being intriguing, I found the plot muddled. What should have been a suspenseful story became tiresome to me. The love interest, Parker, seemed unworthy and kind of a jerk.
The novel had a surprising twist at the end, but not an original one. It seemed as though the author depended too much on the shock value of this sudden turn of events.

Once the truth was revealed, some clever writing became apparent. The clues were there all along. Unfortunately, when I found out the reality, I also discovered I didn’t really care. Somehow the people did not get into my heart like Oliver’s characters in previous books.

It is certainly not a terrible book, just not as astounding as her previous work.


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