Askew, Kim and Amy Helmes. Tempestuous. Book Review.

Tempestuous (Twisted Lit)

Ariel has always been one of the popular girls. Beautiful, well put together, from a wealthy background, and adored by the star football player, it seems nothing could go wrong. That is, until, she becomes the fall guy for a cheating scheme and is forced to work in a hot dog stand in the local mall. Here she is ostracized and bullied by her former friends.

Although she is imperial, judgmental, and self absorbed, Ariel can show great compassion for others. When the occupants of the mall are snowed in overnight, Ariel joins forces with the other minimum-wage workers against the popular crowd. But, things become frighteningly complicated when the security guard informs them that a criminal is also trapped in the building with them.

Ariel can be irritating. But her machinations are, at times, endearing, and always entertaining. This book would make a fast-paced and funny movie.


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