Hawkins, Paula. The Girl on a Train. Book Review.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted in a month. We sold our house and bought a new one, which needs a tremendous amount of work. I pretty much have the boxes unpacked and the rooms organized, somewhat, and am finding time to read again. I plan on posting a review at least once a week while work on the house continues. Here’s a suspense book I really enjoyed.

Click here to buy The Girl on the Train: A Novel

Rachel is a broken hearted alcoholic who cannot let go of her ex-husband. He has remarried and now has a child with his second wife. Rachel phones, emails, and even shows up at their home in drunken states, often not remembering later what she has done.

The story begins from Rachel’s viewpoint she travels to train daily to and from London, passing by her former home where her ex and his new family live. She fantasizes about a couple several houses down she names Jess and Jason, imagining them having the perfect relationship living the perfect life she has lost. One day, this fantasy shattered. Jess disappears.

The story shifts to the viewpoints of Anne, the second wife, and Meagan, the girl Rachel calls Jess. Each viewpoint has its own reason for unreliability.

The intrigue, deceptions, and complications with the investigation keep the reader puzzling until the very end, a shocking finale.

The kind of book that keeps you reading.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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