Setterington, Ken. Branded by the Pink Triangle. Book Review.


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This is a young adult nonfiction book. It holds back nothing when it speaks of the horrors the Nazis visited on Jews, disabled people, races they deemed inferior, and homosexuals. It traces the history of treatment of homosexuals in Germany and Europe from prewar time, through the second world war, and afterward. It clearly an eloquently shows how these targeted victims have been ignored until very recently.

It is an informative and fascinating book for anyone interested in the Second World War, the rise of the Nazi Party, and the struggles of homosexuals for equality and safety.

It begins with a personal story, that of 16-year-old Kitty Fischer, whose life was saved by an Auschwitz concentration camp prisoner wearing a pink triangle, the symbol assigned to homosexuals. It tells the stories of several individuals persecuted for their sexual preference, some experienced adults and some teens. Some homosexuals were tolerated, for a while, as long as they were able to help push forward Hitler’s agenda of annihilation of those who did not fit his narrow terminology of the master race. Some were targeted immediately. Few survived the Second World War but those who did have told their story here. It is well worth reading for adult and young adult alike. It will break your heart and make you angry. It will not be forgotten.

However, having said all this, I would not recommend this for teens under 16. It is far too horrifying for younger children.


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