Hatanaka, Kellen. Occupational A B C Work.

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The occupations listed in this book are unusual. There are aviator, wedding Singer, horticulture list, and K-9 officer, for example.

Each occupation is illustrated on a full page or double-page spread. The letter is part of the landscape and may be part of the action. For example, “A” is a step letter and “L” is being chopped down by a lumberjack. The illustrations are unusual, done in blocks of color resembling cut-and-paste collage.

There are moments of humor in the book. While the lumberjack chops the top of the capital L, a beaver chews it from the bottom. While a ringmaster ponders a broken cage, a tiger leaps at him from behind. As an xenologist examines a spaceship from a distance, a disguised alien stands behind him in a lab coat.

The final pages contain want ads for the occupations. “Aviator. Want a career that will really soar? Aviation may be the job for you!” “Butcher. Do you have a passion for quality meats? Here’s a career that’s a cut above the rest!”

I think this book would be a great jumping off point for a creative activity with children wherein they could choose their own occupation to illustrate. Then they could write a cleverly worded want ad for their chosen job.

Because of the style and the unusual occupations, this alphabet book is suitable for children seven and up.


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