Krys, Michelle. Hexed. Book Review.

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If you haven’t read a lot of witchery magic young adult books, you’ll probably enjoy this. It was well written and comfortably paced. A high school cheerleader, “Indio” discovers that her popular shallow friends are not her true friends. When she is targeted for death, it is the ignored uncool girl next door who stands by her. The characters and plot follow familiar formulas.

Although it is light reading, I felt the protagonist, Indigo, could have shown more depth of grief at witnessing her mother’s murder. The humor, at times, seemed forced and out of place.

Teenage sex and drinking is casual and accepted. Bullying and exclusion are the norm. There are no consequences for the deceitful and trampish behavior of indigo’s “best friend”.

The story is a cliffhanger with some parts of the plot resolved in this book. If you’re looking for a bit of fun, this book would make a fun beach read.

This is Michelle Krys’ first novel. I look forward to watching her talent grow.


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