Carle, Eric. Does a Kangaroo Have Mother, Too? Book Review.

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This picture book is illustrated in classic Eric Carle style using cut and paste shapes from finger painted paper. The textures draw the eye and the colors are vivid and bold.

At first I thought, how is this text going to hold my grandchild’s interest? Every page asked “Does a (insert animal name here) have a mother, too? The next page reads, “Yes! A (insert animal name here) has a mother. Just like me and you. I needn’t have worried. Carle tapped into the universal interest of toddlers mothers, animals, repetition, and participation. After the first reading, my granddaughter answered, “Yes!” To every page. She loved the pictures of the animal mother and child. She loved the reassuring tone. And she loved the predictability.

The book ends with a page explaining the correct terms for the animal babies, parents, and groups featured in the book. These are lovely tidbits of information to share periodically, in small bites, with toddlers and small children. Adults may be intrigued as well to learn that the father kangaroo is a Boomer, which explains that odd Australian Christmas Carol “Six White Boomers.” I did not know that penguin parents are a dam and a sire or that a swan father is called a cob. I love when the simplest book still has something to teach me.


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