Doyle, Malachy. Get Happy. Illustrated by Caroline Uff. Book Review.

On each two-page spread of this picture board book, the author and illustrator show the child what they should not do and then what they should do. For example, “Squabble less.” “Share more!” The book contrasts sniffle and snuggle, grumbling and giggle, zone out and zoom around, pick and plant, shout and sing, grab and give, tease and tickle, sulk and sparkle, and worry and wonder. It ends with “Fearless evermore! Be strong! Be happy!”

The text did not interest my granddaughter or myself. There are far more subtle ways to get across this message than the don’t do – do strategy used here. It felt pretty cheezy, even scolding at times.

The illustrations are soft and endearing in this little board book. The children show good action and expression. Many pages showed interesting detail.

Parents might like this book but I doubt many children will.


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