Porter, Matthew. Tails Chasing Tails.

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This simple a little picture board book has a circular pattern. On the left side of the first spread we see the face of an elephant and the text reads “The elephant is chasing”. On the right side it reads “a black-and-orange-striped tail” and shows a tiger’s tail and back legs. The tiger chases a bear’s tail, who chases a pig’s tail, who chases a fox’s tail, who chases a duck’s tail, who chases a dog’s tail, who chases a cat’s tail, who chases a mouse’s tail, who chases the elephant’s tail.

My 23-month-old granddaughter adored this book. As of late, she has been fascinated with animal’s tails so this book hooked into her current interest. She loved the learning which tails belonged to which animals. She asked for it “again” as soon as we finished reading it. By the third read she had memorized all the tails. We reread it four more times before she moved on to the next book. It continued to hold her interest on subsequent visits.

The drawings are bright and simple with no background. The animals are large-eyed and smiling. At the end of the book is a page that shows the animals in their entirety.

Although there is no explanation for why the animals are chasing each other, the story holds enough suspense to entertain a toddler. A cute edition to a little one’s library.


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