Munsch, Robert. Swamp Water. Illustrated by Michael Martchenko. Book Review.

Click here to buy Swamp Water [Paperback] (Swamp Water [Paperback])

This is typical Robert Munsch stuff, children being wild and getting exactly what they want. Kids are sure to love it.

A grandmother tries to take her granddaughter for a special dinner. In characteristic Munsch style, the grandmother turns down hamburgers, chicken, and taco restaurants while the granddaughter increases her pleading. They go to a fancy restaurant where the granddaughter demands things that are not on the menu. She finally insists on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the crusts and swamp water to drink. The waiter and the cook give her what she wants. Then the girl takes the sandwiches and throws them to the ducks outside. Grandma asks for ten more peanut butter sandwiches to feed the ducks.

If you’re looking for something with a message or any redeeming value, this isn’t it. If you plan on taking your child to a fancy restaurant, I would avoid this book. But if you want a good laugh, it will provide that.

Please mention to your child  that feeding bread, especially with jam and peanut butter, is bad for ducks.


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