Janovitz, Marilyn. Play Baby Play! Book Review.

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This is a board book written in rhyme. The author uses onomatopoeia effectively. The text has a smooth rhythm. Once you read through the book a few times, your toddler will be able to join in on the repeated words such as, “Our rocketship is ready/ To take you to the moon/ Baby, hold on tight/Vroom Vroom Vroom!”

The illustrations are bright, simple, and cute, featuring big headed babies with tiny widely spread eyes and miniature noses and mouths drawn in shaky black line. Mom is featured on the first and last page, but not in between where the baby is playing in a group. It is up to the reader to interpret whether the child is accompanied by mother to a playgroup or attending a day care. The story ends with “Dreamtime is here.” This could be naptime at the end of playgroup or bedtime at the end of day care.

The children play with balls, riding toys, books, musical instruments, and roll on the floor. Children of different races are featured interacting with the baby.

Toddlers will find the pictures intriguing and sometimes humorous. There is just enough text on each page to hold a little one’s interest.


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