Durant, Sybrina. Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room. Illustrated by Sara Wilson. Book Review.

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Three year old Yarashell likes to take all her clothes out of the closet and drawers and throw them around the room. Her mother, of course, wants her to clean up but Yarashell likes her room messy. Rather than resorting to threats of punishment, Mom and Dad devise a game to encourage Yarashell to cleanup. The book is a gentle reminder to parents that a soft, cooperative approach works best with young children.

The illustrations are outstanding watercolors with gorgeous characters. They have a soft vibrancy that attracts the eye. The little girl’s face glows with expression.

The story is simple but every child can relate to her parents demands to clean up their messy bedroom. Because the little girl in the story is three years old, this book would appeal to children of preschool age. As well, the plot is simple. Words such as “critic, rejected, stacked, and decided” will require some explanation though. Perhaps the child in the story could have been a five or six-year-old.

The family in the story is cooperative and mutually supportive. Dad offers the incentive for Yarashell to clean her room and mom pitches in to help with what must seem like an overwhelming task.

The rhyming is a little offbeat in places but children will enjoy the rhythm never-the-less. For further enjoyment, Durant has a follow-up song at the end. The music is on her website. Check out sybrina.com. You will be amazed at this woman’s talent and productivity.

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One thought on “Durant, Sybrina. Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room. Illustrated by Sara Wilson. Book Review.

  1. I would agree that most three year olds are a bit young for a story line like this. The concept is a good one, but probably best focused on a five or six year old.


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