Jocelyn, Marthe and Nell Jocelyn. Where Do You Look? Book Review.

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This picture book examines multiple meanings of common words. It begins, “Where do you look for a cap? On a tube of toothpaste? Or on your head?” The accompanying illustrations are bright and simple. They appear to be cut-and-paste collage.

Words examined are cap, button, tongue, glasses, match, wave, trunk, letter, and story. (Story is spelled story when referring to the levels of the building.)

I think this book would be useful in a classroom. I don’t think it’s the kind of book a child would read repeatedly on his or her own. It is cleverly done, however, and should encourage interesting discussion about the English language.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


2 thoughts on “Jocelyn, Marthe and Nell Jocelyn. Where Do You Look? Book Review.

  1. Hi Bonnie, I love your reviews and wonder of you would do one on my new book. I write picturebooks in the Irish Language an can send u an English translation if you’re interested. This is my 3rb book and is available on iTunes and google play and Amazon. It’s called An Tolg Draįochta – The Magic Sofa. Thank you, Carmel Uį Cheallaigh/Kelly.

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