Mojica, Barbara Ann. Intrepid, Sea, Space, and Air Museum. Book Review.

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I always learn something new and surprising when I read one of Barbara Ann Mojica’s nonfiction picture books. Although they are written for children, adults will find them interesting as well.

Mojica illustrates her books with a clever combination of photographs and drawings. Her character, little Miss History, is confident and adventurous. The hand drawn figures blend seamlessly with color and black and white photographs creating both a sense of history and immediacy.

In this book, she explores the history of the Naval ship the Intrepid. The Intrepid was not just a warship, although it excelled at that. Readers will learn of its various roles over the years, even during the crisis of September 11, 2001. I would never have considered visiting this museum, but after reading this book, my views have changed.

Mojica gives tribute to those who served on this great ship, drawing attention to the previously overlooked courage and skill of the 23 African-American sailors who fought during the World War II. This book is sure to inspire interest in history and pride in this strong symbol of American strength and daring.


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