Bailie, Marilyn. Whoosh! A watery world of wonderful creatures. Illustrated by Susan Mitchell. Book Review.

Whoosh!: A Watery World of Wonderful Creatures

This nonfiction book explores the ways that water is used by various animals, including humans. There are children playing at the beach, fishing, learning to swim, running through the sprinkler, having a bath, going down a water slide, drinking, and watering a flower garden. The animals featured are a dolphin, water strider, great blue heron, alligator, river otter, orca whale, hermit crab, elephant, clown fish, emperor penguin, and a wobbegong shark. There are just enough facts on each animal to interest a young child.

Mitchell’s pictures are realistic and expressive. There is a sense of joy and appreciation in the illustrations. The book emphasizes how precious water is to all living things. Two pages feature more facts of interest on the animals in the book. The last page has a dramatic play idea for children.

This is a beautiful book. It is sure to stimulate discussion about the importance of clean water and the wonderful animals featured.


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