Davis, Nancy. A Garden of Opposites. Book Review.

Opposites are a popular topic for toddler and preschool books. In this picture book, pairs of opposites are featured on each double spread: short and long, inside and outside, big and little, different and alike, plain and fancy, asleep and awake, dull and sharp, open and closed, and out and in. Although the illustrations are simple, some of the words and concepts might be difficult for young toddlers. It is a good opportunity to expose little ones to new vocabulary.

The pictures are simple and bright. Toodlers will be drawn to the illustrations.

The words are written in lowercase, Calibri font which is the easiest for children to learn to read. Little fingers will enjoy tracing the short caterpillar and the long snake. However, “different and alike” may be too subtle for the youngest readers. Different features a three-leaved clover and a four-leaf clover of a lighter hue. “Alike” features two similar three-leaved clovers.

This is a good book for children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age.

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