Willems, Mo. I’m a Frog! Book Review.

I love Willem’s books. I do, however, find them a bit long for the target reading age. When reading this book to a toddler, one must keep the pace moving in order to complete the 57 pages before they lose interest. This is especially true since most of the page is whitespace and each features a simple, but humorously dramatic, illustration of a pig and an elephant. It is impressive, however, how Willems can portray emotion through such simple lines.

This book introduces the concept of pretending. The pig tells the elephant that he is a frog. The elephant becomes alarmed thinking that he too could turn into a frog without warning. The pig that he is in control and is using his imagination. At the end the elephant pretends to be a cow.

This book would be a great introduction to a game of pretend.