McKee David. Elmer’s Opposites. Book Review.

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This is a shaped board book. Each page features two opposites. The concepts featured are big and small, fast and slow, awake and asleep, tall and short, hot and cold, happy and sad, whispers and shouts, fat and thin, and black and white. The differences are demonstrated with colorful wonky animals in the illustrations. Most of the animals look fairly realistic but for some reason the beginning and ending elephants are checkered. I also thought the concepts of cold and hot should feature something other than an elephant since an elephant was on the first and last pages.

On the happy and sad page, we have a smiling polar bear with aballoon and a crying polar bear with a broken balloon. On the whispers and shouts page we have happy monkeys whispering and an angry mouse shouting at another mouse with his fingers in his ears. These pages are great for discussion. However, I wasn’t comfortable with “One rabbit is fat. The other is thin.” The fat rabbit is eating ice cream and the thin rabbit is eating a carrot. This seemed overly judgmental for a toddler’s picture book.

The book was able to hold a toddler’s interest but I think there are many other better opposite books on the market.

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