Brown, Marc. The Silly Tail Book. Book Review.

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This is a rhyming book, but happily, the rhythm holds tight throughout.

The book examines animals that have tails, such as rabbits, turtles, ducks, and even turkeys. It compares these animals to the tailless frog. It examines how animals use their tails, such as cows for swatting a fly. I didn’t think the page about kite tails fit in very well with the rest of the book. I also thought the child sliding down the dinosaur tail confused the issue.

The illustrations are black outlined and colored in with pencil crayon. The animals have wonderful expressions.

At the end of the book are “Notes to Grown-ups.” I think these are helpful to parents who aren’t sure what to do after reading through the story. I read this to my 21-month-old granddaughter and she was intrigued with the idea that some living things have tails and some, don’t. This is an apropos concept for a child learning body parts.

The book will also interest children who like to learn about animals.


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