Goldman, William. The Princess Bride. Book Review.

Since I loved the movie so much, I was excited to read this 25th Anniversary Edition. I didn’t. As in, I didn’t read the book because I was so turned off by the disgusting introduction.

Sure, there were some interesting tidbits about the movie and about the actors. There was a lovely little back story about Goldman’s father reading him the book when he was ill as a child, just like in the movie. But the author included disturbing and off putting tidbits about his personal life that ruined my interest in the story.

For example Goldman narrated an incident when he was planning on cheating on his wife, Helen, with Sandy Sterling, “top heavy but golden… I like them that way.” This opportunity was ruined by his wife’s repeated phone calls.

Here’s his introduction to his ten-year-old son. “Jason has inherited his mother’s total lack of humor. I don’t know; maybe he’s funny and I’m not. We just don’t laugh much together is all I can say for sure. My son Jason is this incredible looking kid – painted yellow, he’d mop up for the school sumo team. A blimp. All the time stuffing his face.”

And, to his wife, “you’re making a poof out of that kid.”

There’s more. “Our kid can roll faster than he can walk.” Twice he refers to his child’s walk as a waddle. In great detail, he relates an incident where he tried to get his son to stop eating more mashed potatoes. I assume he thinks he’s funny. It’s pretty clear why his son doesn’t laugh with him.

What is this doing in an introduction to a child’s book? Don’t buy this copy for a child, no matter what their weight.


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5 thoughts on “Goldman, William. The Princess Bride. Book Review.

  1. O_o Ouch! To ruin classic children’s escapism with crude airings of one’s dirty laundry is just so bizarre. I can’t speak for Goldman but unfortunately there are many all too willing to republish public domain books for no other purpose than to make a quick buck. But still… why share this?


  2. It’s almost unbelievable that someone who could write a book like The Princess Bride could be such an insensitive clod towards his own family. I wonder if his editor tried to dissuade him from including those parts. I expect he will always have a troubled relationship with his son.


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