Dzamtovski, Diane. Little and Big. Book Review.


This is an early toddler board book consisting of seven simple pages. The first page shows a canary and says “little bird”. The second is an ostrich, “big bird”. Then we have “little cat” featuring a black and white domestic cat and “big cat” featuring a lion. The next spread says “very little animal” and shows a tiny ant. The opposite side says “very big animal” and shows a photograph of an elephant. On the last page they are arranged “from very big to very little”, elephant, ostrich, cat, and ant.

This book is perfect for a one-year-old just starting to engage with books. It features the familiar, a house cat, and the unfamiliar, an ostrich. It uses color photographs.

Along the bottom of each page are large and small feline paw prints. I wish it had varied the prints according to the animals: bird prints, ant tracks, and elephant foot prints.

Although it is a suitable first book, I think couple of additional pages would have been more satisfying. The book is “an early childhood literacy resource” by the Children’s Television Workshop.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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