Srinivasan, Divya. Little Owl’s Night. Book Review.

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This thick board book appears to be done with vivid digital illustration. The flowers and animals are colored brightly enough to stand out against the black pages sprinkled with stars. Little Owl is brown with super-sized green eyes and tiny feet.

The text is as magical as the words. Children will be exposed to vocabulary such as waddle, gnawed, hovered, fluttered, gazing, rustling, gliding, morning glories, and moonflowers. The text often reads like poetry. However, it switches from past tense “sniffed” to the passive form “was eating” several times in the story.

Although Little Owl’s Night is a board book, the vocabulary and length are suited for preschoolers and older toddlers. There is no plot other than Little Owl exploring night scenes. It is a gentle story, suitable for bedtime.


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