Bland, Nick. Some Dads. Book Review.

Click here to buy Some Dads by Nick Bland (May 1 2012)

This book is laugh out loud funny the first page. But, it is also endearing. Various animal fathers are shown anthropomorphized with exuberant expressions. I think it would make a wonderful gift for any dad.

On the first page we read, “There are some dads who worry.” The double-page, beautifully illustrated picture is of a baby elephant in a bikini on a diving board, ready to jump. On the side of the pool stands the father elephant with six lifesaver rings. There are at least 10 more floating in the pool. The father elephant’s ears are up and his eyes are frozen on his daughter on the diving board.

The second double-page spread reads, “And some dads who hurry.” A polar bear, with his child on his back, speeds down the hill on skis. Featured in the book are dads who get lost, are sporty, are naughty, brighten your day, stroll, rock ‘n roll, love the outdoors, and are loud. It ends with, “And all dads are proud.” The last page shows a little zebra hanging on to the leg of his father and reads, “And you’ll never forget which is yours.”

The book has a loose rhyme scheme that works well: A A B C C B D D E F F E. I think the syllabication on the last page could have been improved, perhaps with – and you won’t forget which is yours.

I love the message that all dads are different except in the way that they love their children.


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